Easter is Coming...

This morning I discovered a large bruise on my right leg.  I do not bruise easily and was completely stumped as to how in the world this happened.  The obvious answer is that Cindy slugged me while I was asleep for snoring.  The big question though, is where in the world did that come from???

Easter is three weeks away.  My mind has been on all of the preparations that need to be made for the big day.  I am stressing on our building project and know that it will not be even close to complete.  Lots of details and oblivious to everything that is supposed to be important about this special day.

Here’s the thing, Jesus never looks at his nail-scarred hands and asks, “I wonder how those got there?”  He doesn’t rub his side and question, “When did that happen?”  Jesus took the abuse of the Roman empire and the Jewish leaders for you…and me…  He knows exactly how that happened…and so do we…

It is easy to forget about the why’s and how’s of Easter weekend.  Don’t let that happen.  Take time to embrace Jesus.  Take time to reflect upon the pain that Jesus endured for us.  Take time to thank Him for His willingness to accept the punishment that we deserve.  Don’t be so preoccupied with all of the hoopla that you miss the important aspects of Easter.

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