We all come from different places in life, but the truth is, we all have an innate need to belong, to connect with someone.  At Hopewell, we believe we all need to connect to Jesus and to each other, and we try to find new ways to do just that. Here are some of those ways:

Sunday School

We have adult classes at 9:15 AM each Sunday, as well, where we learn about how God wants us to live through His Word.

Sunday Service

We come on Sunday morning to connect with God, primarily, but we do it together. We sing praise songs to our Lord in a contemporary style, using the talents God has given us through our music team, guitars, drums, keyboards, vocals, etc. We enjoy the up tempo praise songs as well as the contemplative, worshipful ones. All for the purpose of giving God what He deserves. There is always a safe, clean nursery provided each week.

Connection Groups

God never intended for us to live our lives or our Christian faith alone.  He’s given us the gift of other people with whom we can laugh, grow and learn how to follow Him more faithfully. So, we gather during the week in small groups at various times and places, mostly in living rooms, to connect with each other in Bible study, sharing, planning community outreach, etc. These are informal groups to take us to the next step of our spiritual growth. Call the church office to find out more about these groups.                       

Men and Women Groups

We also have times where men and women can meet with each other to participate in discussions and activity more specific to our needs and abilities. The ladies meet bi-weekly for Bible study and prayer. They also have a variety of fun fellowship times together, such as shopping trips, mother/daughter dinners, movie nights, etc.  The guys have a standing appointment with Monday Night Football and Bible Study each fall, as well as such outings as Tin Caps baseball, high school basketball, card nights, not to mention opportunities to use their talents to serve others.

Young Adult Ministry

If you are post-high school adult, we welcome you, as well. We have a connection group just for you! Call to find out more!

Upcoming Events


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